An Honourable Mention for James White and Mohammad Khan

A couple of players in taking down Ergun Caner’s sham ministry, James White and  Mohammad Khan, received honourable mentions in an anti-Islamophobia book recommended by the late Jack G Shaheen.


The Islamophobia Industry, Nathan Lean, Pluto Press, 2nd ed. Page 115

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  1. Ergun Caner’s angry intonation when speaking gibberish was too funny.

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  2. Don’t blame Ergun Carner, Nabeel Quraish, Aayan Ali Hirsi, Walid Shoebat, Wafa Sultan etc. as claiming to be “ex-Muslims” and keep faking lies about Islam. They want their money from Christians because to insult Muslims and talk against Islam as and “ex-Muslim” will fetch you a lot of dollars.

    They are all rich especially Aayan and Nabeel are very rich. Nabeel has left all the riches and is now facing his God. People, fear Allah and say the truth. You will one day leave all your riches behind. What is left with you will be either your lies or truth. May Allah let us die as Muslims and with truths. Ameen. We must not listen to lies from anyone-Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hind etc. We must learn and research,then use our brains and intellect. Doing that will help us from the above mentioned people.

    If you are lazy to learn and use your brain,then you will find yourself giving monies to the above liars. Some Christians knows the above a liars against Islam but will support them. That is a big sin.



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