Who created God? | Oxford Professor Ard Louis

Ard A. Louis is a Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Oxford, where he leads an interdisciplinary research group studying problems on the border between chemistry, physics and biology, and is also director of graduate studies in theoretical physics.

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  1. it is surprising these people can at the same time believe that god INVENTED himself to come to earth.


  2. Lol I always laugh at this question…


    • Abu Talhah – agreed. me too.

      That question is so stupid, because the very definition of God is that He is the eternal uncreated Creator.

      Famous atheists, Bertrand Russell and Richard Dawkins also ask that dumb question all the time also.

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    • but jesus was CREATED, how did god CREATE himself?
      if he DIDN’T , then god did not become CREATED


    • Christians say that the human nature was created and the God nature (the Son) existed eternally and it uncreated. Not saying that I agree with this but that’s their position.


    • “Christians say that the human nature was created and the God nature (the Son) existed eternally and it uncreated”

      i am sorry, but this is not the impression one gets when arguing with christian.

      they son BECAME a human, if the son is an invisible pre-existing existence/being, then what in it became created/visible ?

      what did god form of himself to appear as a human being?


    • “human nature was created and the God nature (the Son) existed eternally and it uncreated.”

      then nothing which is part of god/his SELF became visible and created.
      remember, the human nature did not always exist, it began to exist. the son was sent off to become FINITE /CREATED/visible .

      ken temple believes that god had FULL EXPERIENTIAL knowledge /feeling of being human. ken temple believes god EXISTED as a human being. this what not a virtual reality game, this was the real thing for his god.


  3. Bertrand Russell (died in 1970) made that question famous in the past, and Dawkins and other atheists today repeat it.


  4. Wasn’t it Stephen Hawkings who made the ‘argument’ that since time has a beginning when the big bang happened then that means that God can’t exist (because there was no time time).
    What kinda foolishness is that?
    Theists are shouting from the rooftops that time IS a creation of God.


  5. This argument is found in Qur’an.
    “Or were they created by nothing? Or were they the creators (of themselves)? Or did they create heavens and earth? Rather, they are not certain.” Quran 52:35-36


  6. Thanks Abdullah1423. That is a beautiful youtube. Alhamdulillah. May Allah bless the speaker and those who helped produce it. And bless us all. Ameen.


  7. How can the created be proving his Creator whether or not He was created?

    That question alone can only be answered by God and that is what made him God. You cannot know everything about Him, if you do, means He ceases to be God.


    • God has answered that question in the Holy Qur’an, he is the ultimate creator of everyone and everything. There is none other but he, (the Awwal and akhir) there is none before him and none after.


  8. Nice to see this

    along with the above post


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