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  1. To Christians in particular: Ibn Hazm says:

    The Evangel contains al-Masīḥ’s supplication—upon him peace—saying, “O Allah, send al-Bāraqlīṭ (paraklētǒs) so that people might know that the Son of Man is a human being.” Abū Muḥammad [Ibn Ḥazm] says—Allah be well-pleased with him: This is clear as day to anyone who comprehends that the Masīḥ—upon him peace—knew that his nation would fall into excess and claim that he was Allah and that he was the son of Allah, so he supplicated Allah to send one who would show people clearly that he was not a god or the son of a god but only a human being born of a woman from humankind. And has any Prophet come after him who showed this clearly but Muḥammad—upon him blessings and peace? This could not be clearer to anyone of sound sense and fairness. We ask Allah to grant gratitude to whomever He graces with guidance! [Ibn Hazm, Fiṣal, 1:112]

    From the The Integrated Encyclopedia of the Qurʾān, vol. 1, p. 36 https://www.scribd.com/embeds/151784719/content?start_page=1&view_mode=scroll&access_key=key-296wf9aenalnxo11208u&show_recommendations=false Read the rest of the entry for more details


  2. Moses parted the red sea. Elijah called fire down from heaven. Jesus healed the sick. The lame walked. The deaf heard. The mute talked.

    Tell me what miracle corroborated Mo as a prophet?


    • It’s obvious that you didn’t listen to the lecture.
      You and some other christians on this blog! I genuinely have no idea why you are writing here.


    • Actually its pretty hilarious. “I took one look at his face and knew he wasn’t a liar” You can’t make this stuff up.


    • Well Rafiki, you can Google what miracles the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) performed. You excel at that don’t you?


    • Thanks for the tip imbecile. I did. Most illuminating. Throwing dust in enemies faces. Splitting the moon. Riding a burak to heaven.


    • LOL, so what you are saying is that you are incompetent even when it comes to Googling, which any lazy idiot can do? So you’re more incompetent than a lazy idiot?

      Here is some reading for you:

      And here is a short list of some of his prophecies:

      In contrast, your Biblical prophets made many false prophecies:


    • chinchilla shiStin

      Edward babinski , who is an agnostic came in defence of Muslims on Matthew fergusons blog EVEN THOUGH he REJECTS ALL MIRACLES, I QUOTE :


      December 29, 2015 at 12:05 am
      You misunderstand Islam so badly that even the folks who wrote the Wiki entry on “Qur’an and Miracles” understand Islam better than you when it comes to miraculous claims. Muslims view the production of the Qur’an as the greatest miracle of their religion. Muhammad was supposedly an unlearned man whom Allah used to write the world’s foremost revelation to humanity, taking it down word for word. This is a stricter and more miraculous view of inspiration than even fundamentalist Christians adhere to when they claim the Bible is inerrant.

      Several verses that appear in the Qur’an suggest that certain miracles occurred just in relation to Muhammad: the splitting of the moon (Qur’an 54:2-1), assistance given to Muslims at the Battle of Badr (Qur’an – Although these events occurred during their respective times, Muslims believe their effect cannot be perceived as they were witnessed by a particular people at the time and are therefore only miracles for those who witnessed it at the time. This is why Muslims do not rely on these miracles when attempting to convert others to Islam, but instead rely on the miraculous nature of the text of the Quran.

      Throughout the Qur’an, claims or predictions are made concerning future events. Some of the predictions may seem vague and easily fulfilled by a wide variety of events, causing debate and analysis, but, regardless, many Muslims believe that the Qur’an prophesies at least some future events. One of the more general prophecies is that the Qur’an predicts its own preservation and endurance. The Qur’an states that the book itself will survive as a valid source and that the religion of Islam will last, even dominate, because of this. PLEASE NOTE THAT ACCORDING TO CURRENT ESTIMATES THE NUMBER OF MUSLIMS WILL EQUAL THE NUMBER OF CHRISTIANS ON EARTH BY THE YEAR 2050.

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    • chinchilla, if the disciples of your god REALLY believed in miracles, why didn’t they go to the tomb and bring jeezer back to life? WHY did the women ask A DUMB QUESTION “who will move the stone?” When Faith moves mountains ?

      LO LL L L L L O L L O O L O O O L O O. L O O L O
      Arguments from embarrassment chinchilla. Argument from embarrassment.

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    • Porky pig doesn’t get irony. As the ayatollah said there is no fun in islam. But this video and muslim attempts to turn didly squat into miracles proves the ayatollah wrong.


    • chinchilla pig shit, why couldn’t the pals of yhwh raise yhwh from the dead ? why does miracles cause cowardice ? Or maybe when Matthew says that the pals went out and healed , raised the dead….. It is all Marian and Matthias BULLSHIT?


    • 5These twelve Jesus sent out with the following instructions: “Do not go among the Gentiles or enter any town of the Samaritans. 6Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel. 7As you go, proclaim this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven has come near.’ 8Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy,a drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give.

      you believe this chinchilla pig shit ? why was it difficult to go to the tomb and raise yhwh to life ??

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    • Oh Rafiki, what an incompetent buffoon you are! So you have no response to the miracles and prophecies of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)? I guess it can’t be helped. You are a helpless worshiper of an old Canaanite man, after all.


    • Yep. Throwing dust into your enemies faces. Its a miracle.

      Flying on a burak to heaven while Aisha said he was sleeping next to him. Its a miracle

      You morons should become stand up comdians. No wonder Dave Chapelle is a muslim.


    • Well folks, it has been confirmed that Rafiki is an incompetent and lazy monkey.

      Rafiki, the Prophet performed numerous miracles and prophecies. I gave you the links. Are you afraid to read them?

      You should become a clown. That way, people can laugh at you like they usually do, but at least you will get paid for it.

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    • The koran is his greatest miracle. Nuff said.


    • And yet he still performed other miracles. So you are just a pathetic loser clutching at straws. Nuff said. 😉

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