How the teaching of one born again Spirit-filled Christian led to the most evil event in human history

Martin Luther paved the way for the Holocaust


John Barrows in the Times of Israel writes:

Reformation Day will be celebrated next week as a special national holiday throughout Germany. While Catholic and Protestant areas of Germany often do not share religious holidays, and only roughly 25 percent of the population declare themselves as Protestants, the whole nation is united this year in planning to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation on October 31. In 1517, the Augustinian monk Martin Luther is said to have posted his 95 theses on the doors of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, thus setting off a movement that led to the schism of the Catholic and Protestant Churches.

Germany has plunged into a commemoration frenzy replete with daily radio programs devoted to Luther with pastors, priests, rabbis, bishops, psychiatrists and other prominent individuals. A 95-day morning radio series devoted to Luther starts the day with the song “I hammer in the morning.“ Larger churches are offering commemorative services advertised with portraits of Luther. One local evening school boasts an event entitled “Germany’s Doom: Luther and Beer,“ while a church sponsored a culinary event highlighting meals from the life and times of the reformer.

Yet a shocking part of Luther’s legacy seems to have slipped though the cracks of the collective memory along the way: his vicious Anti-Semitism and its horrific consequences for the Jews and for Germany itself. At first, Luther was convinced that the Jews would accept the truth of Christianity and convert. Since they did not, he later followed in his treatise, On the Jews and Their Lies (1543), that “their synagogues or schools“ should be “set fire to … in honor of our Lord and of Christendom, so that God might see that we are Christian.“ He advised that the houses of Jews be “razed and destroyed,“ their “prayer books and Talmudic writings“ and “all cash and treasure of silver and gold“ be taken from them. They should receive “no mercy or kindness,“ given “no legal protection,“ and “drafted into forced labor or expelled.“ He also claimed that Christians who “did not slay them were at fault.“ Luther thus laid part of the basic anti-Semitic groundwork for his Nazi descendants to carry out the Shoah. Indeed, Julius Streicher, editor of the anti-Semitic Nazi magazine “Der Stürmer,“ commented during the Nürnberg tribunal that Martin Luther could have been tried in his place.

All the more stunning that Germany should proclaim a special national holiday in the name of the anti-Semitic Martin Luther only 70 years after the Shoah. Although the general public may mostly be unaware of Luther’s views, the responsible clergy certainly is aware and has still chosen to declare a nationwide holiday.

It is no doubt laudable that the Synod of the Lutheran Church in Germany (EKD) distanced itself from Luther’s anti-Semitic statements in November 2011, and several other church representatives have done the same, yet how do they have no compunctions about declaring a major commemorative event to honor Luther, as if his sinister and hateful views and writings on the Jews are insignificant and trivial?

Some clerics may well say they distinguish between the founder of the Reformation and the Reformation itself, but this means that they are closing their eyes to the reality that the two are inextricably interwoven and that the reformer and the reformation are in fact being glorified in unison by churches and organizations throughout the country.

Looking at the Lutheran legacy in the greater historical context, the Shoah took place in a Christian environment, yet the churches did next to nothing to prevent it, despite their deeply-rooted influence in society. Church institutions have at best shown only lukewarm empathy or public support for the most prominent Jewish community of our times, the State of Israel. They have not shown any inclination to stand up for the political security of Israel, not endeavored to protect its historical religious sites from attacks by the UN, and not opposed BDS campaigns designed to delegitimize Israel and harm it ideologically and economically.

Perhaps the special national holiday on October 31, 2017, should not come as a surprise at all.


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  1. In the treatise, Luther describes Jews as a “base, whoring people, that is, no people of God, and their boast of lineage, circumcision, and law must be accounted as filth.” Luther wrote that they are “full of the devil’s feces … which they wallow in like swine,” and the synagogue is an “incorrigible whore and an evil slut”.

    And Germans are called to celebrate him.

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  2. While I am absolutely no fan of Luther(see for much evidence), I think that it’s unfair to say this paved the way for the holocaust. Yes, he was anti-Semitic but Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels and the rest of them didn’t do what they did because they read too much Luther.

    How many anti-Semitic people have there been in history? Many. How many of them did things like the holocaust? Almost none.

    It’s hard to link one man in the 16th century with atrocities 400 years later. I don’t expect anything better from Israeli newspapers though.

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    • I agree that it is unfair to pin the holocaust entirely on Luther. However, Luthers anti-semitic writings certainly played their part, and had an effect on the German masses. If one studies the real history of WWII going back to the Treaty of Versailles, it can be seen that there are many other reasons for the German backlash against Jews, especially in light of the fact that the average German came to know and understand that the German war effort in WWI had been betrayed by Jewish bankers and merchant class,

      It seems to me that the article in the “Times of Israel” is just another in a looooooong line of guilt pieces written to beat the Churches and Christianity over the head with the old “Anti-Semitism stick” in order to get them all to fall in line, like obedient servants, and support Israel politically and financially.

      While the alleged holocaust was all in the past, publications the Times of Israel and other pro-Zionist groups could care less about the same type of hate language being directed at Muslim populations here and now today, which it can be argued has already lead to the mass slaughter and holocaust of Muslim people around the world by western nations infused with the rabid anti-Muslim rhetoric which emanates from an out of control Islamophobia industry.


    • ibn

      all the evidence suggests that jews and chritsians lived largely in peaceful coexistence until roughly the time christendom encountered the anti-semitic content of the islamic scriptures.

      There’s not a lot of info on the subject, but it is intriguing to say the least. Worth more research methinks.


    • Joel,
      Now you are trying to blame Islam for Christian anti-Semitism? What revisionist history books have you been reading?


    • ibn

      Not all all.

      I’m just pointing out an interesting correlation.


    • After Luther’s writings, the NT is probably one of the most anti-semtic texts in the world. Christianity didn’t need help of any other non-Christian scripture to justify their persecution of Jews along with virtually all other non-Christian faiths…….the NT gave them all the justification they needed.


    • hey jelly, did the christians who made pilate into a christian saint get inspired by Islam or the text of the new testament ?

      hey pig, if matthew the “eyewitness” knew that jesus “loves his enemies” and is “forgiving blood god” and asked for forgiveness while pagans were SHEDDING him , why did “eyewitness”

      DROP everything and have blood god UTTER

      “My god, my god why have u forsaken me”

      and have the JEWS say :

      “His blood be upon us and our children” (Matt 27:25)

      but but but…. jesus is a blood god of LOVE and forgiveness.

      why would AN “eyeWITNESS”

      remove words of FORGIVENESS AND QUOTE the jews CURSING themselves with BLOOD guilt ?


    • ibn

      How is the NT anti-semitic?


    • Joel,
      Clearly, you haven’t read the NT.


    • ibn

      That’s a bit of a silly comment. Of course I’ve read the NT and don’t think it is antisemitic at all.

      So, again, how is it antisemitic?


    • @ Joel
      The fact you claim to have read it and you still ask the question tells me that you have absolutely no reading comprehension skills.

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    • ibn

      I see no reason for you to have resorted to insults. I’m asking you to illustrate how the NT is antisemitic, and where those antisemitic verses are found.

      I suspect you will quote the tired arguments that NT writers frequently condemned the jews, but that is nonsense.

      The Old Testament is full of condemnations of the jews for reverting to paganism and abandoning worship of yahweh – are the tanakh and torah antisemitic because they condemn apostate jews?

      Is the quran islamophobic because it condemns hypocrite muslims?


    • hey pig lot, which book did your fristians pagan brethren use to say that Jews were yhwh KILLERS ??? hitter says that the Jews LIE by nature ? jeezer the blood/meat god says that THEIR will is to DO THE WILL OF SATAN , THEY HAVE , IN THEM, NATURE OF LIES. ALL this anti Jewish stuff came from the New Testament.

      all this was enough for dirty man worshipping pagans to MURDER a people.

      within the nt itself HOSTILE SPEECH IS enough to rile up and get someone BEATEN THE shit out of . Acts 16. 20. 22

      ACTS 21

      the crap from the New Testament was USED TO KILL AND MURDER a people.

      can anti Jewish be ethically EXCUSED in NT when non-fristians engage in condemning Jewish actions ?
      can it?


  3. I don’t believe in the holocaust. Call me a holocaust denier or a conspiracy theorist like 21 century politicians do but I just don’t believe anything that doesn’t make sense. The holocaust has too many holes in it for it to be true. But it is obvious that Hitler was anti-Jewish, that’s for sure.


    • I have looked into the whole holocaust debate as well. Though I wouldn’t consider myself a denier, I think that there are some questions that need to be answered from mainline historians. For example, how do Auchwitz death tolls drop from 4 to 1 million and Majdanek death tolls drop from 1.5 million to 70,000 and yet the 6 million total doesn’t get a dent in it? How come we don’t have an order from Hitler, especially when we have orders from Hitler ordering other evil things like euthanasia? There are certainly questions that need answering.

      Regardless, even Mark Weber from IHR says that 1-1.5 million Jews were killed.

      Whatever side you take on the holocaust debate, you’ll have to admit that a large amount of crimes were committed against the Jewish population of Europe. I assume that you admit this as well.

      The big question pertaining to this post is the following: Was Luther responsible for what Hitler and the Third Reich did to the Jews? I say no. It’s too much of a stretch.

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    • You know there are countries where you can be thrown into jails for asking such questions. So much for democracy and free speech.


    • I know. Democracy and free speech are Masonic lies.

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    • Alright!!!
      We have a wake person here. Good lord, everywhere I go I see people worshiping these zionist Masons.
      Luckily there is change of course now.


    • The original democracy was created 2500 years ago for independent Greek city states of a few thousand people. Representative democracy in a country like Canada, USA, or England where you elect a representative for hundreds of thousands of people and have him fly hundreds of miles away to meet in an assembly is demonic.

      Also, the fact that democracy has thoroughly failed in the West is so extremely obvious that I think your IQ has to be deficient not to notice.

      If you go to my blog, you’ll find many posts where I shred false beliefs like democracy, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.


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  4. I think that Luther’s view on Jews together with ideas such as the survival of the fittest definitely influenced the world view of the Nazis. The language Luther used is quite extreme even more so than the language of the Nazis. Even the Nazis didn’t use words like the devil’s feces.

    In regard to the holocaust, I now believe that as a Muslim it could be a major sin to deny it unless there is very convincing evidence to the contrary. The reason is that it’s better to give the benefit of doubt to the mainstream narrative than to the revisionist alternative, since I don’t find it acceptable to deny a crime of that magnitude if it really took place.

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  5. Its a bit like Charles Manson saying he was inspired by the Beatles’ song helter skelter. And saying the Beatles were responsible.

    Er No.

    Luther said some stupid things about the Jews. That’s it.

    Unlike the mufti who asked the fuhrer to get on with it.


    • The mufti didn’t have influence on on Hitler. There is substantial proof that Hitler planned everything he did after the visit of the Mufti months to even years before the visit.


    • So saying their homes should be burned is just a “stupid thing” to say and not genocidal hate-mongering? Rafiki, you are getting stupider by the day.


    • This from the moron who thinks that some demented mass murderer who ethnically cleansed Jews from Arabia is a model for humanity and thinks Jews are descended from apes and monkeys.


    • Show me where the Prophet said that “Jews are descended from apes and monkeys”.

      The killing of the men of the Jewish tribe was because of them breaking the treaty with the Muslims (twice!!!). They were punished according to their own Law. So if you think what happened was disgusting then your bible is disgusting because they were killed according to the Jewish Law. Amazing that you spit upon your own bible without even realizing it.
      Your god ordered the Israelites to kill men, women, children, infants and livestock for not breaking any treaty.
      Now go worship your pagan god who send two bears who shred 42 boys to pieces just for calling Elijah ‘boldie’. Prince of peace my ***!


    • chinchilla pig, why were the Jews assisting the pagans?

      And Allah turned back the Unbelievers for (all) their fury: no advantage did they gain; and enough is Allah for the believers in their fight. And Allah is full of Strength, able to enforce His Will.

      And those of the People of the Book who aided them – Allah did take them down from their strongholds and cast terror into their hearts. (So that) some ye slew, and some ye made prisoners” (Surah Al-Ahzaab, 33:25-26).


    • Martin Luther said bad things about Jews so he is a bad man.

      Muhumnad slaughtered Jews and ethnically cleansed them from Arabia and he is a prophet and model for humanity.

      Welcone to Islam. You can’t make this stuff up.


    • And this is how the crosstians will always treat the truth. These xtian scum are the most hypocritical pieces of **** I have EVER come across. They lie and lie and hide the shit in their comicbook. The tribe’s men got executed for their treason. They broker the treaty TWICE. You pagan god ordered the Israelites to kill all men, women, childeren/infants and livestock for breaking exactly ZERO treaties.
      Welcome to crosstianity. The religion of horseshit!!!


    • LOL!! A typical response form Rafiki! The foolish monkey just repeats the same idiotic nonsense like a broken record. Welcome to Christianity folks. You can’y make this stuff up!

      Hey Rafiki, did you know that your Canaanite god literally had hundreds of thousands (or maybe even millions) of Jews slaughtered at the hands of the Romans, and then later on, of the Christians? Did you know that your god had them ethnically cleansed from the Holy Land for 500 years? Not even your god’s man-worshiping Christian followers ended their exile. Do you know who did? Yep, you got! It was the Muslims! It was the caliph Umar Ibn Khattab who allowed Jews to settle in Jerusalem despite Christian opposition.


    • Divine retribution was taking place on them , they perished just like the ppl of Noah, aaad and thamud

      You are lucky that you got to live under Islamic governance, had there been no mercy, chinchilla shit heads like you would be speaking Arabic today.


    • Look over there – where – here comes Genie with her new boyfriend.

      Magnoon muslim gets caught out in his own web and tries deflection.


    • I think Rafiki might be high. He doesn’t seem to know where he is.

      Is this really the best that Christianity has to offer? No wonder your religion produces millions of apostates every year. Bwhahaha!

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    • Rafiki the incompetent, lazy monkey said:

      “This from the moron who thinks that some demented mass murderer who ethnically cleansed Jews from Arabia is a model for humanity and thinks Jews are descended from apes and monkeys.”

      Hahahaha, what a pathetic deflection! You man-worshipers excel at that!

      Luther called for the burning of Jewish synagogues and homes you idiot. When did the Prophet say that?

      By the way, moron, there were Jews living in Arabia at the time of the Prophet’s death, and continued to live there for several years after.

      “Descended from apes”, you say? Where does it say that? Go on. Do your Google thing.


    • Bwahahaha, thank you for confirming that you are an incompetent Google scholar. It’s confirmed folks!

      Where did the Prophet say that the all Jews are descended from apes? The Quranic verse in question merely says that the Sabbath breakers were punished in that way. How does that imply that Jews are descended from apes? The Quran says that Isaac and Jacob (pbut) are the ancestors of the Jews. Does that mean they were apes, astagfirAllah? Use your head, Rafiki. Stop embarrassing yourself!

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  6. I want to ask about a passage I just read.
    Did Martin believe that Jesus committed adultery? Here’s what I found from brother Mustafa Ahmed :
    “MARTIN LUTHER (the founder of Protestantism) has this to say;
    JESUS COMMITTED ADULTERY THRICE Martin Luther also negates the image of a sinless Jesus. This is to be found in Luther’s Table-Talk, whose authenticity has never been challenged even though the coarser passages are cause for embarrassment. Arnold Lunn writes:
    Weimer quoted a passage from the ‘Table-‘Talk in which Luther states that Christ committed adultery three times, first with the woman at the well, secondly with Mary Magdalene, and thirdly with the woman taken in adultery, “whom he let off so lightly. Thus even Christ who was so holy had to commit adultery before he died.”
    [ArnoldLunn, TheRevoltAgainstReason, Eyre& Spottiswoode (Publishers), London, 1950, p. 233.Here is the original: “Christus adulter. Christus ist am ersten einebrecher worden ]oh. 4, beidem brunn cummuliere, quiailli dicebant: Nemo sigrlificat, quidfacitcum ea? Itemcum Magdalena, item cumadultera Joan. 8, die ersoleicht dauon lies. Alsomusderftom Chnstus auch am ersten ein ebrecher ioerden ehe erstarb.”]

    Any one can confirm this?


  7. I wrote a post on this topic.



  1. How the teaching of one born again Spirit-filled Christian led to the most evil event in human history | kokicat

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