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  1. I sometimes find myself questions why I want to know God. There are often times when I love God, when I’m out in nature for example. But then there are other times when I havent thought of God for a while and suddenly I need him for something. Its these moments when I question my desire to know God for his own sake, or just to get something from him.

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  2. Hi David,

    Thanks for sharing your personal experience and reflections.

    The title of this post reminds of the following verse in the Qur’an which is mentioned in different ways in other verses in other surahs (chapters).

    “And when affliction touches man, he calls upon Us, whether lying on his side or sitting or standing; but when We remove from him his affliction, he continues [in disobedience] as if he had never called upon Us to [remove] an affliction that touched him. Thus is made pleasing to the transgressors that which they have been doing” [the “Us” here is a royal plural but refers to the One and Only God]

    May God help us to be more grateful to Him.

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