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  1. It’s just a reminder that dr. Shabir Ally is willing to debate dr. Bart Ehrman about the belief of Jesus’ disciples.


  2. In other words, Christianity isn’t the religion OF Jesus, but a religion ABOUT Jesus `alayhi salām.

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  3. Nah, I don’t like what Erhman has to say so I’m just gunna call him a fake imam


    • Yeah, it’s not as if Ehrman is a recognized scholar whose books are taught at universities.


    • That’s true! I guess then you will agree with him that Jesus was crucified? After all, it’s not as if you would want to disagree with a scholar who’s works are used at universities?


    • LOL, don’t you have anything new? Just the same tired, old and debunked arguments?

      There was a crucifixion. The Quran agrees. But a secular historian like Ehrman doesn’t believe in miracles. Why would he believe that God rescued Jesus (pbuh)? Try again, Cerbie. Got anything new, little pooch?

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  4. Ok. Regarding this book Ehrman has also commented that Jesus is not the messiah either but that the story about him developed into this. If you are going to take Ehrman’s dismissive approach to the earliest sources then Jesus was not born of a virgin, did not do miracles, did not die for our sins, and is not the messiah.


    • This is just an Irrelevant deflection because secular historians do not accept miraculous or supernatural explanations anyway. The fact remains that according to your sources, Jesus and his disciples were convinced the end was coming in their lifetimes. Paul was even more adamant. What this means is that either your sources are wrong or Jesus was wrong. Either way, Christianity is debunked. Of course, given the suspicious history of your sources, I think we can be certain that Jesus did not prophecy the end of the world within the lifetime of his disciples. Rather, your sources mistakenly attributed this to him because the early church became convinced that the end was near.

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    • “also commented that Jesus is not the messiah”
      Can you provide the exact saying of Dr. Ehrman. I’m afraid he was talking about the messiah from christians’ perspective.

      BTW, dr. Ehrman’s approach toward miracles is very understandable! He does not believe in God, so he will not believe in miracles as a secular historians. In the art of debate, we cannot jump to the subject B which is based based on A, while the the opponent does not believe in A in the first place.

      Also, we don’t believe that Jesus died for your sins! No idea why you listed that one in the list!

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    • Samuel can you furnish the quote where Bart says that Jesus did not think he was the messiah. Thanks.

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  5. I was talking to a Catholic on Friday. I told him that Jesus, SWS, didn’t die, but was assumed into heaven. I said that there was nothing problematic about this since it is within Allah’s power to perform miracles, and it more less credible than the notion of Jesus’ resurrection.

    He also ask why did Allah perform such an illusion. I simply said that people have reasons to fake their own death. So why were the people tricked into thinking Jesus died?


  6. * I meant to say that it is “no less credible than the notion of Jesus’ resurrection”.

    I feel a little ashamed by forgetting to add, “subhanahu wa ta’ala”. Improper adab on my part, but I don’t do some fard things such as wearing hijab, yet.


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