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  1. Why does this upset Muslims so much?

    After all, you adhere to an evangelical religion


    • Missionaries are like satan who invites his followers only to enter the blazing fire.
      May Allah(sw) protect muslims from their poison & scum.

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    • @ Paulus,
      As Paul W. indicated, the “egregious error of Christianity” misinterpreting their own scriptures and turning Jesus into a Hellenized Greco Roman Man God and then calling others (more rightly guided) into the same Christian misguidance, is what upsets Muslims so much.

      If Christians are going to evangelize, they could at least get things straight and not confuse the divine message, with the errors and misunderstandings of fallible men.

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    • Ok then Daees are like Satan and must only preach things I believe. Clear as mud. Thanks Muslims


    • We invite people to worship Allah(sw) alone not to worship a human being! Cannot you see the difference? Oh! I forgot that your brain has (1= 3) issue !

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  2. Paul W.
    “Perhaps YOU can learn a thing or two from them?” – Great Reply!!

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    • Ibn Issam, i always imagine you in an angelic voice…


    • Shaad,
      Thanks for the compliment brother, but, though I may strive to be, I am far from angelic perfection! May Allah help us all to perfect our characters, and keep us on the straight path.

      I enjoy reading your comments as well!


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