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  1. Thank you

    Oh!, I waited for him to mention my favorite translation but just don’t know why he missed it out. It’s the Sahih International (by Umm Muhammad), a consistent, flowing and artistic text using the contemporary (not archaic) English in my own opinion.

    I should check the others out!

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  2. “The SQ (Study Quran) has regrettable instances in which it has departed from consensus, namely, with respect to rajm and soteriological pluralism. In both cases, traditional theological methodologies have been jettisoned in favor of extenuating considerations and questionable heuristics that contradict normative orthodox religious teachings..”

    (Mobeen Vaid, The Study Quran: A Review)

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  3. the quran a complete revelation by sam gerrans.


  4. Well… It’s a big topic!
    I think Sahih international is very accessible, and it is consistent. Also, It tries to maintain the order of the words as much as possible. However, the English reader may find some expressions to be strange for him, and I think this goes with most of the translations that want to maintain the exact word used in Arabic and the order.
    Regarding the Study Quran, it’s very important for those who are interested in Qur’anic studies. The translation has many top points as well. Nevertheless, it contains many issues with the translations which may be said that because of the purpose of the book. It also contains some Shia’ Tafseers such as Al Qummi while Al Qummi was like many Shia scholars who believed that Quran got corrupted by Sahabah. Even Hossein Nasr in his introduction mentioned some Shia aspects about Quran while no one agrees about these aspects such as Book of Al Jafr. Hossein Nasr does not mention the reality of that book, and I have no idea how that book has anything to do with Qur’an in the first place.

    I encourage strongly non Arab muslims to learn Arabic. Yes it needs effort, but do not you think the language that Allah عز وجل has chosen is worthy to be learned? I know that many obstacles could be in your way, but I encourage non Arab muslims to do their best. Try! Make Du’a to be easy for you…to have time for that. In sum, if you have the opportunity to learn it, don’t miss it.

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  5. Dr. Lawrence B. Brown, Muslim author of “MisGod’ed” cautions on page 143 of his follow up book, “God’ed” that one should avoid the translations of the Qur’an by the following “translators” Alexander Ross; George Sale; Rev. J. M. Rodwell; Edward Henry Palmer; and Richard Bell. I am sure Dr. Brown has valid concerns about mistranslations, inaccuracies, errors, religious bias and prejudices, and other problems etc. within those poor translations.

    He does, however, recommend Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation of the meaning of the holy Quran; Saheeh International; Muhammad Al-Hilali / Muhammad Khan translation; and Marmaduke Pickthall.

    My own preference is Hilali/Khan and/or Saheeh International for easy readability, Or Yusuf Ali for the grandeur of the older English style.


  6. Check out The Clear Quran by Dr. Mustafa Khattab (pleasant to read, easy to understand. Approved by Al-Azhar and endorsed by many scholars. Noted for clarity, accuracy, eloquence, and flow):
    Website: http://www.theclearquran.com
    App: http://www.quran.com/apps
    Kindle edition is available on Amazon

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