Christian scholar forgets his own Bible when criticising the Qur’an

Gabriel Reynolds should really know better than make cheap polemical points about the Qur’an. Especially when his own Bible says something very similar. He is Professor of Islamic Studies and Theology, University of Notre Dame.
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  1. Oh nice, Christian scholar reveals his bias on twitter, now we’re going to take his research less seriously. Also displayed a similar bias in a “Sufi mosque” nonsense on twitter.

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  2. Paul’s distaste for the (Islamic) doctrine of predestination on display. It comes with the package. Not a cheap polemic point.

    The professor of Islamic studies is a Christian scholar? Is that halal?


  3. The scholarship in America about Islam is really really superficial. I mean all orientalists are biased even those in German and France, but those from America are so naked when they display how “scholarly” they are. I know one who doesn’t know Arabic even!

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  4. It would have been nice if Reynolds himself would have provided some context to the ayat in question. By not doing so, it leaves one with the sense that he was intentionally trying to misportray what the Qur’an says, in order to give a negative impression of Islam.

    This would seem to be quite a gaff for someone in his position who was also tapped by Vatican for Catholic-Muslim dialogue.

    It may also be an indication of his own bias.

    I am always wary of Christians who claim that they are “scholars” of Islam. There are a few honest and good ones, but most are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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    • I wouldn’t go disparaging wolves as they are very intelligent creatures

      I would say they were more like jack assess in donkeys clothing



  1. Christian scholar forgets his own Bible when criticising the Qur’an | kokicat

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