James White Echoes What Muslims Have Said About Jay Smith’s Student Lizzie Schofield

Muslims have been saying this stuff about “Christians” at Speakers Corner for a while. A Christian elder has now said it. Will anybody listen?

James White will no doubt get bashed by the anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim echo chamber type “Christians” but whatever you say about James (and yes, he has his faults) he’s actually helped Elizabeth Schofield, the DCCI Ministries crew and St. Nicholas Church in Tooting with fair-minded advice on how to conduct yourself maturely in dialogue.

Dr. James White has rebuked a number of anti-Islam and anti-Muslim “Christians”, I just wish he had done it earlier and publicly with people like Sam Shamoun who have wasted their lives repeating inconsistent and already refuted arguments ad nauseum online. Dr. James White who is an Elder in the “body of Christ” rightly rebuked Sam Shamoun for his wild-eyed, erratic, antagonistic and insipid rants. Brother James White was correct in saying that we need to recognise that we need to move beyond that immature behaviour, he himself has demonstrated this by engaging in respectful dialogues with Muslim stalwarts like Dr. Yasir Qadhi, Ustadh Adnan Rashid and Br. Zakir Hussain. He has moved the quality of conversation from an Islamophobic and low-level form of polemics to meaningful and informed dialogue.

Of course, he’s getting criticised fro doing so because he’s threatening the livelihoods of low level anti-Islam polemicists online who rely on an echo chamber of bigoted Christian followers for donations.

Perhaps another reason why he’s being lambasted is because the anti-Islam polemicist is not confident in their faith, they feel if they veer away from mud-slinging and rattling off low-level and inconsistent polemics and move into the realm of serious discussion then it means their theology and their soteriology is put up against Islamic theology and soteriology. there’s only one winner when a straight-up fair comparison is made: pure Abrahamic monotheism or the 4th century idea of the Trinity which Jesus and the writers of the New Testament had no knowledge or the Christian idea of human sacrifice vs the pure forgiveness of God in Islam..

A few positives Brother James has been part of recently:

  1. Openly stating Islamopobia exists. 
  2. Criticising anti-Islam Christians who use unfair and inconsistent arguments against Prophet Muhammad
  3. He bravely told Nabeel Qureshi to ease up with the former Muslim tag and be more open with the Ahmadiya tag.
  4. He suggests he does not agree with David Wood’s low level polemics.
  5. He questions the wisdom of Christians like David Wood who repost “death threats” 
  6. James White was open and honest enough to publicly teach Luke 23:34 to be a suspected unauthorised addition to the New Testament.  All this despite public criticism from other Christians.
  7. James White is happy to teach his church and his viewers the scholarly consensus on the ending of Mark and the story of the woman taken in adultery in John
  8. James has publicly apologised to all Muslims who he may have made feel as though he was not loving or caring towards them. James is trying a warmer approach which many anti-Islam Christians are uncomfortable with.
  9. James allowed a Muslim to speak to and teach Christians about a Islam in a church. This shows James wants to increase the understanding amongst Christians about Islam so they move away from low level internet polemics (basically the bread and butter of the anti-Islam Christian at Speakers Corner or online polemicists).
  10. James White has rebuked the anti-Islam types for using arguments like “Allah is a deceiver”
  11. James White has Muslim friends and meets Muslims in real life.


James White is a Trinitarian Church elder, author and evangelist who has had nearly 200 moderated debates including debates with Prof. Bart Ehrman and Dr Shabir Ally.

How Jay Smith, Nabeel Qureshi, Sam Shamoun and David Wood Contribute to the Apostasy of Christians

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  1. Dr. James White has debated more Muslims than them and read more about Islam than them and realized Muslims and Islam are not bad except the extremist that can be found in any religion. He is honest about that. Jay Smith, Spencer, David, Shamoun etc. are like Donald Trump supporters who think if someone does not belong to their religion, culture and color, then the Bible teaches they must discriminate against him(the person) and in the olden days they would have killed or force convert him.

    They think God cannot forgive, until you believe Jesus died for your sins. They think by force converting, discriminating or even killing a person in the olden days who does not believe in their religion is a favor to that person.

    Look at Donald Trump and his Evangelical Christian supporters. First, they banned Muslims and some Christians are happy. What next? They are trying to ban BLACK CHRISTIANS from Africa and the Carribean, in favor of White atheist from Norway. They are trying hard to do that now through banning what they called chain immigration.

    If they succeed, what next? Ban Catholics, ban Jews, ban Hindus and the list goes on just like the olden days when they persecuted the Catholics and the black to force convert them to Evangelical Christians and banned them from attending White Churches but only to black Churches. They will then burn the black Churches.

    When they realized their white immigrant from Norway is a Muslim, atheist or Hindu, they will discriminate against him(White Norway immigrant).


    • Thanks God most Christians are not like Donald Trump or Trump’s supporters.


    • Yes. Most Christians including Dr. James White are not like Trump supporters. Jay Smith lied that because of Muslims, he cannot get pork products in some parts of UK. He is trying to blame Muslims and immigrants so that Christians will hate them and ban them. That is why I compared the hate preachers to Trump supporters. They are extremist on the Christian side. Every religion has its own extremist. We thank God most people are not extremist now or are forced to stop.


    • Jay Smith is terrible, thankfully his toxic propaganda methods are easily seen though. Violent and oppressive Christians have arguably given Christians a reputation of the most violent people in history

      Christians should be mindful how their islamophobic types on the internet come across around the world.

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  2. What did I just watch?
    Did James White say ” we have a fundamental issue here for Lizzie Schofield a debate is a screaming match” ?
    What a news! What a discovery we just know about!
    I think the best explanation for that is that Lizzie Schofield must’ve been born in the Middle East otherwise how can we deal with the fact that a western person likes shouting as kind of debate with others.
    I mean it’s “impossible!” 😎

    Finally, this is another giant discovery which should be published in all media.
    It’s for James’ friend 😂😂

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    • That’s true brother, Yahya. You rarely find a white christians who has not this mentality.
      I remember that Wikipedia page about dr William Lane Craig had under the box of (influences) names like Al Kindi & Al Ghazali, which is true. I mean dr. Craig literally has copied the core of what imam Al Ghazali had said. However and after a while, I found that they changed that and deleted names of Al Kindi and Al Ghazali. 🙂


  3. I doubt this will sway her to change the way she ‘debates’ at speakers corner but it is good nevertheless to know that not all evangelical Christians who try to evangelize Muslims have the same temperament to shout very loudly and think you’ve won as Lizzie and co.

    I hope this trend continues and such characteristics are fased out for the more reasoned, thoughtful approach we find with more formal debates.



  1. James White Echoes What Muslims Have Said About Jay Smith’s Student Lizzie Schofield | kokicat

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