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  1. Her house looks rather drab a couple of coats of paint would do the world of good. I suggest terracota would give the room the chance to breath a little while maintaining the ‘evil lare’ look she is aiming for with the nazi stuff. I would also like to make mention of her all black ensemble as if she is attempting to look like a james bond girl gone bad and my God that sofa what was she thinking!?

    Take that horrid thing back to dfs and get a new one and that grandfather clock serves no purpose i mean can you imagine how much of a pain it must be to clean? Get one of them amazon echo things that talk to you, heck she can even get it to speak German if she wants.

    Furthermore how did she get those guns legally in the first place if she lives in England? I hope those aren’t real.

    The old guy needs to lose some weight as carrying that gut around won’t be doing his heart any good and probably shouldn’t be a nazi either as that is also bad the heart, head, and makes for a terrible sex life. Then again she should also not be a nazi for perhaps the same reasons as well as for her terrible fashion sense. The guy with the beard looks like he’s not had a wash in 10 years. Camo pants indoors really?

    Finally that photo with the eagle is an almost sickening level of kitsch and the hitler one is even worse as they missed putting the big cock on his head that he deserves.

    Happy monday everyone!

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  2. The Nazi’s must have lowered their racially supremacist “whites only” standard. Things have gotten so bad for them that they are willing to open their door to anyone these days.

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  3. I recognized David Irving in one of the photos. And he is not the black guy who is a defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys.

    The picture actually have “David Irving” on it.

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  1. This lady (Claire Khaw) came to London Central Mosque today enquiring into Islam. There are some interesting pictures of her Nazi activities on Google.. | kokicat

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