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  1. Only you are vile

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    • Mat,
      What is “Vile” is that you seem to support Tommy Robinson who is a co-founder, former spokesman and leader of the English Defence League, a far right, fascist group that espouses hatred, racism, ethnocentrism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and bigotry.

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    • Have you read what he actually says? I see nothing that is vile or right wing. He speaks up because there is no debate about the issues that concern him and a large percentage of the Western world’s population. Maybe if there was discussion about these issues, he would go away.

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  2. Your mind appears to look like a fkd up mix of ism’s & phobias. Why are you so afraid of free speech?
    He has stated many many times that he has no time for racists and has even been arrested for attacking NF & BNP supporters that in the past tried to infiltrate the EDL. The way that your talking it does seem very much that You yourself are a fascist by allowing no other point of view other than your own.
    I myself have opposed Nazis and Fascists and racists all my life and would never think of supporting their nonsensical viewpoint. Surely this man has a right to be concerned about the pernicious rise of political Islam and all the negatives that come along with it.
    Only a true fascist would seek to silence someone for having a different perspective.
    If I were a muslim I would be concerned about the actions of some of my fellow muslims and seek to do something about it rather than cover my eyes and ears.
    From a non Racist Nazi hating lover of Freedom.

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    • Libertarian

      If I were a muslim I would be concerned about the actions of some of my fellow muslims and seek to do something about it rather than cover my eyes and ears.
      From a non Racist Nazi hating lover of Freedom.

      I say;
      If I were a Libertarian I would be concerned about the actions of some of my my country’s foreign policies that leads in the killings of Muslims in their countries. If I were a Libertarian, Tommy Robinson and Stuart Rogers, I will be consistent and not single out Muslims alone but I will include Muslims,Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Sikhs etc. who wear their turbans, hats, Hijab(Jews, Sikhs and nuns) rather than Muslim Hijab alone. So I, as a Libertarian or Tommy Robinson will mention Sikhs, Jews, Buddhist etc. in my speeches as also taking away the English identity and not Islam and Muslims alone.

      When the Christians ruled Europe, the killed people who oppose them and force convert others and persecute the protestants Christians and later Catholics were persecuted. The Jews were persecuted by the Christians. Muslims were killed or force converted by the Christians. It is the power of secularism and liberalism that brought free speech and freedom of religion in Europe.


  3. Islam is a far last, fascist theocracy which calls itself a religion and its handbook, The Koran, espouses hatred, racism, religiocentrism, xenophobia, Christophobia, Jewphobia, Homophobia and bigotry.

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    • Christiana

      There is still Jews, Christians and other religious people in Muslim Majority countries like Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Kuwait, UAE, Morocco, Algeria, Indonesia, Malaysia etc. even though Muslims ruled these countries from generations to generations and never wiped out Christians, Jews and other religion. What happened when Europe and the West was under Christians?

      The Christians killed and force convert the Jews and Muslims and after that started to force convert other Christians. Then atheist and the liberals fought the Christians and won. That is why we have freedom of religion in the West now. The follow Jesus Christ who said this in the Bible;

      Luke 19:27
      New International Version
      But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them–bring them here and kill them in front of me.’


  4. What is vile is the disgusting authoritarian fascists like Amber cRudd who is now making political prisoners out of anyone holding political views antithetical to the insane Globalist population replacement level mass immigration doctrine.


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