Katie Hopkins at the Park

Katie Hopkins made an appearance at Hyde Park, this past Sunday and roused the crowd. As expected, not many at the Park have taken appreciation of her anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant comments. She believes she was “sexually insulted” for being called of all things, old. While I am sure she received horrible remarks from a group of young men, there is no way to verify who those young men were, what their political or religious views were.

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However, what can be verified is that perhaps an element of football hooliganism was involved as towards the end of the propsective video she posted online, a Liverpool FC football chant can distinctly be heard. At another point, thankfully, seeing that a confrontation may have been brewing, a group of young probably Muslim persons decided to start a chant that they’d rather be in a mosque (Masjid – an Islamic place of worship). Kudos to their quick thinking, because that chant deflated the situation completely.

Regardless, Katie knew that emotions would be high at the Park that day and she knew her inflammatory comments would draw the ire of many, with that said, it’s still inappropriate that some lewd comments were made towards her by unknown young male individuals, but thankfully some Muslim youth were able to quickly deflate the situation.

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  1. People of good conscience should learn to rise above the petty hate peddled by the likes of Katie Hopkins and Tommy Robinson, they are not our teachers and we should not lower ourselves and our beliefs by acting in the way shown in the video. Islam teaches such a profound respect for women that you can’t even shake her hand out of respect for modesty and her dignity as a child of God never mind abusing her.

    “Only an honorable man treats women with honor and integrity, and only a vile and dishonorable man humiliates and degrades women.” – Prophet Muhammad

    The people responsible should be named and shamed, be required to apologise to Katie for their behavior publicly.

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    • Please don’t abuse hadiths. This is about normal women not right-wing trash.

      And they didn’t even insult her but simply asked how can she be a Christian conservative when she committed adultery.


    • We clearly didn’t watch the same video as they did insult her. Secondly the hadith doesn’t make the distinction that you think it should, if the Prophet meant that he would have said it.


    • There is another one with the same title.

      The hadith is about normal women not modern Western women and especially not about right-wing activists.


    • What are you on about? Clearly you don’t agree that Katie should be treated as a human being on the basis of her politique. Why do you believe this?


    • patrobin, clearly Rider believes that the hadeeth only applies to “normal woman” aka Muslim woman, not kuffar woman or as he put it “right-wing trash”


    • A person that wages war against Islam is not to be treated like other people.

      @Wake Up

      If I wished to say kuffar women I would have said it. A normal woman can also be a non-Muslim woman.


    • But as a woman she is not to be harmed at all according to the rules of warfare in Islam:

      “Do not kill any child, any woman, or any elder or sick person.” – Sunan Abu Dawood

      Besides which Katie is not combating anyone physically so it would be wrong to treat her as a combatant. Recall the story of the Prophet and his female neighbour who would should expletives and throw excrament on him everyday. He did not retaliate either physically or verbally. One day when she didn’t do this the Prophet was concerned and checked in on her and found out that she was ill, his concern for her dispite everything she has done to him touched her so much that she reverted to Islam. Good conduct and mercy towards even your enemies is not only a virtue but it is a gateway into Islam.


  2. These guys were idiots. Still, one wonders if she looks for this type of behavior to reinforce her bigotry. You go on a march with Tommy Robinson and the far right and you get angry Muslims who are provoked and play the same stupid game. Really ? So surprised.

    People can select from the world what they want to hear and see.


  3. She has over 800,000 followers on twitter. This footage has gone viral. The damage done is incalculable.


    • I am sure that the 800, 000 followers are Muslim loving and completely fair-minded and reasonable people. Oh, what a loss indeed!


  4. Agreed. Ms Hopkins certainly needs no introduction, but aside from this behaviour being unbecoming of Muslimin, she and her hate-filled supporters thrive on it and relate the behaviour of the tiny minority to the entire Ummah.

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  5. “We must always remember the sun nah of the prophet, upon whom be peace.”

    Thats the problem, the Muslims who did this were remembering the sunnah of your prophet.

    You wrote…”It is likely that the preponderance of violence came from the Tommy Robinson mob”

    Tell us did the “prepoonderence” of humiliating and sexually insulting woman come from Tommy Robinsons side too?


  6. Katie Hopkins is vile but I wouldn’t wish violence upon her, as I’m sure no one here would. And I’m sure the vast majority of Muslims wouldn’t wish violence upon her either.

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    • These people incite hatred against Muslims. UKIP could get stronger like similar parties in European countries already are.


    • Rider who did mean by “these people”? Do you mean Katie Hopkins and Tommy Robinson or do you mean the Muslims who verbally assaulted Katie Hopkins or the Muslim running around hitting people with a stick?

      Or what about the Muslims running people over with cars, or shooting people in the street, or blowing themselves up in cafe’s and bars, or the countless Muslim hate preachers who preach hatred of the jews and kuffar?


    • Litterally nothing you said is true. Did you not think we would watch the video? Also what about the christians dropping millions of bombs and munitions on muslims to steal their wealth and resourses, killing millions??? You complete and utter cretin. And here is your freedom of speach, you savages getting caught red handed causing violence and blaming muslims yet again:

      Your the one who needs to wake up.


    • @Wake up

      Hate causes reactions. Muslims in general are self-defensive. An ideology that basically wants to exterminate Muslims is spreading.


    • Does anyone have any eveidnace of this violence caused against her? She claims she was kicked and asaulted. Can we see this so we can pass on the information to catch the culprits?


    • Thirstforknowlege wrote…”Literally nothing you said is true. Did you not think we would watch the video?” And yet the video clearly shows a Muslim beating people with a stick.

      You really need to change that nick, you have gone from thirsting for knowledge to flat out sever dehydration of Knowledge.


  7. Winning their hearts is the best (Islamic) approach.
    It’s not the only approach but it’s the best approach for peace and understanding. It takes hard work for many as it’s much easier said than done.


    • A Ali,
      Well said. We should ALWAYS respond as best we can without resorting to tactics that our own Prophet (sws) would likely not approve.

      Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good instruction, and argue with them in a way that is best. (Qur’an 16:125).

      Our apologetics should set a good example for other Muslims to follow, and we should do our best to show a positive image of Islam to others.


    • You have to distinguish between people whose hearts can be won and those that can only be destroyed.


    • Well said Ibn Issam, thank you for that. Also Rider, you know I’ve also added the fact that it is not the only option but the best option. And believe me, I have already made the distinction as I’ve gathered we both know what is realistic and what is not, especially with most of these far right populist figures.
      I would be lying to you Rider if I do not admit that you and I share a lot on this and are fully aware of other deserving options against these individuals in question. And I can provide evidence and common sense to support these other options available that you and I may be referring to as we both know what we are talking about on this issue. But I will still stand by the fact that the best option and solution is the one that I first wrote here and what Ibn Issam wrote better, as that best solution will not leave us to act or sacrifice out of our own ways and our deen in comparison to the other options, especially when we are fortunate to have the choice and options. Hope that makes sense.


    • A Ali wrote…

      “Winning their hearts is the best (Islamic) approach.
      It’s not the only approach but it’s the best approach for peace and understanding.”

      Do tell what is another “approach”?


    • (Here we go, the lack of manners in these people I tell you)…
      Hi Wake Up. “Do tell” what? Are you genuinely asking me to name other options and other ways to approach? Or are you just identifying the use of the term “approach” as the wrong word? Because if that is the case, there is no point wasting our time with semantics.


    • Ali wrote…”(Here we go, the lack of manners in these people I tell you)…”

      Another Muslim uses the phrase “these people” so tell me who are “These people” to you?
      Do you mean the Kuffar are they “those” or “these people” to you? And how is it a lack of manners for the kuffar to ask you to clarify your position on something? Or is it that I’m just a kuffar and kuffar should not question a Muslim on anything?

      Ali wrote…” Are you genuinely asking me to name other options and other ways to approach?”

      I’m genuinely asking to name the other approaches if “Winning their hearts” does not work?


    • I agree. I would say that to a majority of people the first approach is appropriate.


    • Wake Up, you see what you just did there? You blatantly tried to use a straw man argument against what I wrote. When I wrote “these people” I was not even thinking about whether you’re a Kuffar or Mozlem or a Coffee or whatever, I was thinking of your lack of manners (as stated). I honestly did not know what your belief was, your questioning said it all mate, you even put “do tell what is your “approach”?” at the end of it. You put the word “approach” in inverted commas. Why else did you do that? A form of sarcasm obviously? Or are you just full of yourself or something? Whatever it is you further revealed and confirmed your lack of manners with the next reply to prove exactly my point.
      “People” includes anyone mate, especially in this context, even certain Muslims or certian Christians or Atheists or any denominations out there have lack of manners, so don’t try to distort my point. And I will tell anyone if I feel they have lack of manners and try to start an argument.
      And then you’re rambling with further straw man arguments assuming that I as a Muslim doesn’t want a “Kuffar to question Muslims on anything”??? Are you having a laugh? Have you got nothing better to do online then try to blatantly distort peoples arguments in order for you to attack them more easily? When did I even call you a “Kuffar”?
      Wake up and get this, I don’t care if you’re a Muslim, Jew, Christian, Atheist, Shintoist, etc, British, Columbian, German, Chinese, etc, black, white, brown, purple, indigo, etc, staight, gay, trans, man, woman, left, centre or right, rich or broke etc etc If you show lack of manners with me and you’re rude with me, I will be rude back to you. Also if you’re nice with me, I will be nice back to you. And you will find that with many people of many backgrounds, not just with me.
      Did you get that?

      Also if you’re genuinely asking, then I will genuinely answer. However if you’re being a troll and trolling and not willing to have a decent conversation like a grown civilised man, then you don’t deserve anyones further time. So far, you’ve shown no signs other than being a troll. And how do I know if I start further communication with you and proceed to answer your questions, that you won’t start distorting more of my answers and adding more straw man arguments like the typical online troll like you already has done?

      Whether you’re an atheist, agnostic, religious, nationalist etc whatever, please genuinely prove to me you’re not a troll and gain my trust first. And I will respect you back and having a good dialogue.


    • Btw if anyone feels I am being harsh at any time, that is my angry working class side of me revealing itself against trolls. There should be a truly religious side or better side to me always. Sometimes I feel some religious people (including myself) have to work so hard at being more patient, forgiving, taking it on the chin etc like a religious person should but at times it’s not easy. We are all human.
      May God guide us all, Amen.

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    • Ali wrote…

      “Wake Up, you see what you just did there? You blatantly tried to use a straw man argument against what I wrote. When I wrote “these people” I was not even thinking about whether you’re a Kuffar or Mozlem or a Coffee or whatever, I was thinking of your lack of manners (as stated).”

      Lack of manners so asking you a simple question shows a lack of manners? Weird.

      You wrote…

      “your questioning said it all mate, you even put “do tell what is your “approach”?” at the end of it. You put the word “approach” in inverted commas. Why else did you do that? A form of sarcasm obviously? ”

      Those “inverted commas” as you call them are actually called Quotation Marks, they are used when you are QUOTING what someone wrote or sad. And if you notice that is exactly what I did when i used the QUOTATION marks around words that you wrote. I was quoting you.

      You wrote…”Also if you’re genuinely asking, then I will genuinely answer.”

      I am “genuinely asking” (see I did it again used quotation marks to QUOTE what you wrote), please tell me what if “Winning their hearts” does not work then what is another “approach ” Muslims would use.

      Put it another way if “Winning their hearts” is not the “only approach”, then what other approaches are there?


    • Ok Wake Up, you want to try quoting me back to me. Like I said, you’re still being a troll. There are plenty of trolls in this cyber world. Honestly, if you change your ways, I will appreciate it but more importantly it will be for your benefit.
      I will tell you where there is another evidence on this very post why you so far deserve no respect,
      you wrote here on this post,

      “what about the Muslims running people over with cars, or shooting people in the street, or blowing themselves up in cafe’s and bars, or the countless Muslim hate preachers who preach hatred of the jews and kuffar?”

      You wrote all that junk to defend who and what? What, for far-right hate preachers? No one here was labelling far-right extremists as “British” so why are labelling terrorists as “Muslims”? You see what I mean by lack of manners? Anyway why were you so offended by anyone condemning far-right hate preachers and extremists? And why don’t you also condemn far-right hate preachers, like the way ordinary Muslims condemn Anjum Chowdury or other Islamic extremist hate preachers? Is it because you are an extremist yourself, and there’s no other extremist on this thread, except you.

      I shouldn’t have to explain further why your comments are provocative and false except the fact what you wrote labelling terrorists and fanatics as “Muslims” is either coming from a far-right hate preacher or an Islamist extremist recruiting for Isis. And don’t try to deny it and then quote me back etc.

      Wake up, stop being a troll, there are plenty of trolls and cowards out there in the cyber world because they know they haven’t got the courage to do the same in the real world. I’m saying this as kindly as possible, stop being like that, it’s not unique, you can be better than that.

      I’ve spent valuable time for you. If you continue to be a troll. Then it’s your loss, not mine. Farewell mate.


    • Ali all I did was ask you a simple question, and instead of answering it you spent a huge amount of words trying to avoid the question. I will ask if one more time if your not going to answer just say in once simple sentence I’m not going to answer. No need to go on and on and on about nothing.

      What is another approach if “winning the hearts” does not work?


    • For people like you Wake Up the approach is the approach of the sword.


    • Rider thank you for your honesty.
      A Ali do you agree with Rider, is this another approach?


    • Wake Up, the point you need to understand is not What you’ve asking or How you’ve asking it (whether you were sarcastic or not), but importantly Who is asking it. Who meaning you specifically. At the time you were trolling and you’re still trolling now, I’m looking at the way you’re still trying to continuously counter-attack valid points on others, yes valid points, on this post and other posts made by others, and still you’re doing it again and a again in an unnecessary manner… Come on mate, you should be better than that.

      However if we look on the bright side things have toned down a bit here on this specific thread, which is good for us. Now regarding your question, if I’m saying winning the hearts is not the only approach but the best approach, and additionally I have given the reason why on the same thread in response to Rider, that should be self-explanatory and a no-brainer. Since it is self-explanatory and it’s a no-brainer, I’m not obliged to give details of other approach especially when it’s not necessary and especially due to the reason if we dwell on the many other approach we could on and on… Regardless I should now also return the question back to you if you don’t mind- Why do you ask?


    • Ali so in other words your response to this “extremist Muslims” clear death threat on me, is as Paul Williams writes “Business as usual”.


    • I don’t what you’re saying here… Anyway I was explaining to you my answer to that question you’d asked before, now my question in return to you was- So why do you ask?


    • @Wake Up

      This is only defensive. People like you would use violence against Muslims in a given situation. It’s a very normal approach which is also used by the US for example. It has allies whose “hearts are won”. But those who want to destroy the US and are killing Americans will be approached by the “sword”. Why can’t Muslims do the same with people who want to destroy Islam and kill Muslims?


  8. This was meant to be a reply to the points Paul Williams raised elsewhere:

    Salam aleikum,

    I think you raised some good points, but I wish you just pointed out the violent behaviour you’ve seen from somebody without calling him a thug.

    I agree he should have shown more self-restraint last Sunday, and even if he was attacked first (by the same guy who went around punching people?) any act of retaliation will be singled out in the footage to paint all Muslims in a bad light.

    I agree it’s important people and Muslims in particular in Speakers Corner know who Ricardo McFarlane is, someone who associated with Anjem Choudary and alleged terrorist(s).

    I think it’s important to keep in mind that Katie Hopkins and co. are professional agitators who spent a career demonising Muslims. It’s to be expected that when regular Muslims finally get to respond to her, some (in this case, a youngster) might exceed the limits and insult her. By the way, I’ve seen no one kick her in the video as she claims. One might say this is gratuitous ammo for her anti-Muslim propaganda. Well, yes, but on the other hand another might say overall Muslims have shown self-control and things didn’t turn out so bad for an event that wasn’t prepared for by Muslims.
    In a way, it’s just another day in the cycle of provocation, vilification, etc. As Allah says in the Qur’an, they will not harm you except for some annoyance. 🙂

    And yes, it’s important we address the misconduct from Muslims as well. As Allah says in the Qur’an:

    “O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm in justice, witnesses for Allah, even if it be against yourselves or parents and relatives. Whether one is rich or poor, Allah is more worthy of both. So follow not [personal] inclination, lest you not be just. And if you distort [your testimony] or refuse [to give it], then indeed Allah is ever, with what you do, Acquainted.” Sahih International translation 4:135.

    “O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm for Allah, witnesses in justice, and do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just; that is nearer to righteousness. And fear Allah ; indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what you do.” Sahih International translation 5:8.


  9. Folks,

    Ijaz has blocked me from posting on Blogging Theology and has taken down my article

    ‘Muslim violence at Speakers’ Corner – a moment to face some ugly truths.. ‘


    • Mr Paul, who owns the domain? Did you transfer ownership of the domain in INCAAN to Ijaz? If not you are still the owner of the domain. Did you purchase the Theme and any plugins? If so did you transfer it to him? If not then you still own the theme and plugins?
      Did you transfer the hosting account to him? If not then you still own the hosting account. \Also you still own all the material you wrote today and all your past content.

      Take back your domain, take back your blog, take back bloggingtheolgy.net

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    • he is the legal owner


    • What the heck is going on? This is ridiculous, guys. Why are we fighting among ourselves? Brother Paul has made important observations which should not be censured. I understand brother Ijaz and the others point of view, but this infighting is not going to help. Whatever Ijaz and others are trying to do, the damage has already been done. The videos of the incident have already been seen by thousands of people at this point, so what’s the point of this bickering? If we make it known that we do not support the behavior of some of our misguided brethren, instead of trying to cover it up, we can lessen the damage. Worrying about what people will thing when they see those videos and using that as the excuse to delete brother Paul’s posts is not the right way to go. The best way to do damage control is to let everyone know that the behavior seen in those videos is not how Muslims should act.

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    • It’s happening because Muslims must save face. Paul publically called out by name Muslims and organisations. His Christian ingrained ethos is fighting against Islam and its shame culture


    • I’ve said it before and I will say it again. I am with you Paul all the way. You are doing the right thing. I so hope brother Ijaz (who I don’t know but wish I could meet or contact regarding this asap) would understand that what you are doing Paul, is truly beneficial for us all. Please email me if you can or I will try to contact admin with your permission.


    • “It’s happening because Muslims must save face. Paul publically called out by name Muslims and organisations. His Christian ingrained ethos is fighting against Islam and its shame culture”

      There goes Cerbie again.

      Earth to the dog of hell: no one cares what you think.

      Brother Paul is calling out fellow Muslims for behavior that is unbecoming of a Muslim. There is a hadith that states: speak the truth even if it is bitter. This is an Islamic ethos, not your man-worshiping cult ethos.

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    • I cannot say it better in response than brothers like Paul Williams and quranandbibleblog in regards to blocking this important post.
      Please Ijaz, there is nothing wrong with the post in question, I’m sure you can reconsider and take the advise of these fellow brothers like Paul Williams and quranandbibleblog. Please brother Ijaz, please understand it is for our good.

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    • Thank you Ali!


    • I still cannot believe this. I just read that post and I even commented on it with 100% agreement. Next thing I know I cannot find this important post. Who in their right mind will not agree to what Paul had adrressed? Who? It’s ridiculous for it to be taken down. Why was it taken down? For what? Ridiculous… I swear I will thank Ijaz on that post if he brings it back, and I will forget any wrongdoing of the legal owner if he cooperates with Paul on this.


    • Ijaz took it down – i have protested strongly


    • What Ijaz and other Muslims do not understand and no matter how many times I tell Muslims this they do not seem to care or even want to care, is the following.

      Its not “terrorist” or “violent extremist Muslims” that drives what others have falsely called “Islamophobia”. Its the response by “non violent Muslims” to these very real threats in their own midst that drives the “Islamophobia”


    • “His Christian ingrained ethos is fighting against Islam and its shame culture”

      you are a piece of shit man. what about his hebrew ingrained ethos? too barbaric?

      bart ehrman notes


      His words about loving God are simply a quotatoin of Deuteronomy 6:4-6. That’s the thing — almost everything he can be shown to have said was said by others as well.

      when your shitty religion was size of a pea, there were other cultures who were loving enemies, being kind to neighbors, stopping violence….

      quote :

      The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:3 – 7:27) is perhaps one of the most famous teachings of Christianity. In this Sermon, Jesus presents some basic and beautiful truths. The basic principles of morality, justice and kindness are articulated in this teaching clearly and concisely. But if you step back and look at the literary structure of the book of Matthew, the Sermon on the Mount takes on a different character entirely.

      The underlying theme of the book of Matthew (and Christianity as a whole) is the exaltation of Jesus and the emphasis of humanity’s “need” for Jesus. The author of the book of Matthew presents the Sermon on the Mount not so much as a teaching on how to live a moral life but as an argument for the superiority of Jesus. Immediately after the Sermon (Matthew7:28,29) the author tells us how the crowds were amazed at the teaching; not because of the beauty of the truths they contained, but because Jesus spoke with incomparable “authority”. Key segments of the Sermon are introduced with the phrase: “You have heard that it was said to them of old time” and contrasted with “But I (Jesus) say to you”. This literary device accentuates the fictitious notion that Jesus is the originator of these universal truths and that they were unknown to mankind until Jesus uttered them to his audience.

      But this is false. These universal principles of justice and charity were planted by the Creator into the heart of every man and woman; they belong to all of us. Every one of us is sensitive to an injustice that we suffer at the hands of another. We are all acutely aware that injustice is wrong and evil when we find ourselves at the receiving end of an injustice. This is the guide that our Creator gave us all to teach us these universal principles. Every civilization has produced individuals who have brought greater clarity to these universal principles through the lives they lived and through the words they uttered. Clarifying and articulating these universal principles is good and Godly; falsely claiming to be the originator of these universal principles is not.

      don’t come up with your shit “christian ethos”


    • “Brother Paul is calling out fellow Muslims for behavior that is unbecoming of a Muslim. There is a hadith that states: speak the truth even if it is bitter. This is an Islamic ethos, not your man-worshiping cult ethos.”

      excellent response brother faiz.


    • Let me just use Paul’s account of what happen to emphasize my point.
      Paul in his words originally posted his article in a forum where Hashim an Admin removed the said article and gave the following explanation to Paul.

      “sympathizing with Islamophobes is not in line with the ethos of this group”

      So what this say to me and many other Non-Muslims, is that if you are labeled an “Islmophobe” then you can be insulted, degraded, and humiliated by some Muslims, while other Muslims just stand by and watch and do nothing. And worse censor other Muslims who have the “ethos” to express their “disgust at this violation of her dignity and rights” .

      Muslims tell us how fair and just Islam is, especially to the treatment of Non-Muslims. But from this incident it is clear that “only Muslims and pro-Islam non-Muslims are worthy of justice and decent treatment.”

      Another post that was removed was written by a Jewish friend of Paul’s who criticized a violent Muslim, who is seen on a Youtube video attacking people with a stick. Not only did he attack civilians but he also (I am told) assaulted the police. The explanation given as to why this article was removed, “Our aim is to please Allah through our dawah efforts and not to air our dirty laundry in public”.

      So, you please Allah by ignoring the extreme violent behavior of your fellow Muslim and by censoring someone who speaks out against such violence? I got news for you, that video is your dirty laundry and it is already out there in public. But instead of trying to clean your very public dirty laundry you choose to ignore it and cover it up. Which only causes it to fester and stink even more.

      But it gets worse, according to Paul, a very real Islamic extremist was released from prison and set up shop in speaker’s corner. This very real Islamic extremist was part of a group of six, three of which “mowed down pedestrians on London Bridge and stabbed others in the Borough Market killing eight people”.

      What was the Non-Violent Muslims response to this very public dirty laundry, was this very real extremist confronted by other Muslims in Speakers Corner, was and is he censored? Were other prospective reverts warned to stay away from him? No according to Paul, he converted someone and, in his words, “None of the brothers seemed concerned. Business as usual. “

      So, in conclusion, Muslims your dirty laundry is already public, why don’t you publicly take ownership of it, confront it and clean it, instead of covering it up by censoring, intimidating, name calling, labeling and bulling those that speak out against it.


  10. I’ve had some serious misgivings about Paul and his conduct/approach in the past. It’s clear we don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things. However I am a believer in freedom of speech and, try as I might, can’t see anything wrong with his post here. He’s not condoning violence, nor is he excusing it.


  11. We need to get our facts, straight people. Your experience is not necessarily the whole picture. For example look at the tomy robbinson mob that descended in their droves and what they did. Before any altercations took place his gang of knuckle-dragging heathens through glass bottles and started hitting people with sticks they were using as flag poles. Ironically the “protection of freedom of speech” was nothing more than a thinly veiled neo-fascist mob wanting to inflict harm on others due to their deep seeded inadequacies to stop Muslims having their freedom of speech.

    Here is where it all started and note how the tommy robinsion thugs kept pushing the police more and more to try and instigate a clash with the Muslims.

    Thank goodness that a few of the Muslim brothers decided to take control and make people go back and not get involved in any violence. This happens a number of times where each time the mob assaulted the police to get through the ranks the responsible brothers kept the people moving away from the violence.

    Here is them working with the Police who were very grateful that the civilised Muslims were making their job a lot easier.

    This whole situation just underlines the deep prejudice of people who think that Muslims should just keep on getting pushed and pushed and attacked like here with sticks and glass bottles being hurled at them despite moving backwards and being more than 20 yards away with a police line between them and the mob.

    If it wasn’t for the Muslims protecting the Police and themselves or anyone else from getting hurt this would have been a major incident and people could literally have been killed or crushed.

    Also, notice the utter filth that came up to the Muslim group before the main act took place and how he was violently threatening them by saying “you “C**Ts” “You C**Ts” in the most vicious way possible through gritted teeth. This is EXACTLY who they are and no amount of “let’s take it on the chin” is going to change that.

    As for this disgusting beast, you called “dignified” she is the biggest hate preacher of them all. She deliberately insights violence against Muslims from her followers calling for them to violence. Both her and that neanderthal robisnon both have on multiple occasion deleted vile social media calls to harm Muslims only because it turned out that the perpetrators of the crimes were white or christian but they pulled the trigger too early on their violent rhetoric.

    Also, you should know that she got caught committing adultery having sex in a field with someone like an Animal. “Dignified” is the last word you should use for this adulterous whore. She calls herself a “Conservative christian” well if that’s conservative christian behaviour I would hate to see what a Liberal one would do. Maybe someone should show her what the bible says about adultery and the punishment for it and let her then speak of Islam…


    • Thirstforknowledge78,
      Thanks for posting those videos as they help to give a clearer perspective on what happened. The Muslims leadership were clearly trying to organize the Muslim brothers, and were calling on them not to provoke violence. It also looks as if the fight that broke out was instigated by the EDL side, and that was edited out in some videos to make it look like there was only violence coming from the Muslim side. Based on these videos it looks like the Muslim brothers were doing the best they could in the face of serious antagonism and provocation coming from the other side.

      Again, we should not excuse wrongdoings on either side, including that of Muslims, but the videos above give a more balanced perspective of what happened from the Muslim point of view..


  12. She mocks God, our Faith, our Prophet and every single Muslim on the planet with vile abandon yet we are supposed to be offended only because someone called her ugly. I do not condone it but I will not spend my energy weeping over that when my brothers and sisters are suffering because of this garbage can of a creature. They are probably the ones along with tommy and his mob that are printing the “Punish a Muslim day” leaflets and advertising it everywhere with its orders to “throw Acid on their faces” and “Nuke Mecca” and “attack women wearing Hijab”. This is the reality these people face every day and I will be damned if people think that they should not be able to protect themselves.

    Liked by 2 people

  13. Here this lying thug Robinson again accusing everyone but himself for violence caused by him and his mob. He literally said the opposite of everything that happens. Here is more of his thuggery and his supporters viciously attcking and assaulting Black and brown people. THE COWARD SCUM AND ALL WHO SUPPORT HIM.

    Guess this is their engrained christian ethos working its magic to the letter.


  14. Notice from the clips on his videos how smug and proud he is of himself, he is beliving his own hype. It is true what people say that he is an insecure uneducated mouthpiece. By the way you guys should know that his whole hate thing started because back in the day in his home town of Luton his girl friend left him for a Muslim guy. He is a humilated little man lashing out because his pride was hurt.



  1. Humiliating a woman at Speakers’ Corner. | kokicat
  2. Muslim violence at Speakers’ Corner – Blogging Theology

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