Tan Banned from the UK

The Islamophobe Tan from Speakers’ Corner has been banned from the UK. Information coming to us indicates that he had a visitor’s visa up until April and upon reapplication for renewal, he was denied re-entry to the UK. Thoughts?


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  1. Good riddance!

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  2. From where will he be returning to now, “to continue the fight, to fulfill the prophecy?”


  3. It is what it is, but despite some of the bad things he has said at speakers corner it would be wrong to wish ill for him. If he wishes to remain in the UK i wish him all the best in his application.

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  4. Tan seems to be a person that is full of hatred towards Islam, he bases all of his arguments on his own preconceived notions and presuppositions about Islam. He refuses to accept to any opposing opinions, understandings or evidence that would challenge his own worldview and negative perceptions of Islam. As with almost all Islamophobes his entire strategy of arguing against Islam seems to be, make baseless attacks, disagree on all counter-points, and do not allow for any positive views on Islam.

    Tan says that all religions should be questioned and mocked, and yet he seems to give a free pass to Buddhism, and practically ignores the Buddhist led genocide of the Rohingya Muslims.

    Here is a good video of Br. Paul exposing Tan’s ignorance, hate, and the tiring ridiculous arguments that he constantly regurgitates. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3LojBfrXJ0

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  5. Whilst there are some out there (no one, that I know of, who currently posts here) who believe free speech should be without any form of responsibility whatsoever, this sort of thing only serves to highlight that if you want to exercise your freedom of speech, you have the responsibility to use it wisely. Tan abused that right by spreading hate.


    • I’m not sure what you mean by responsibility do you mean that there should be limits to it or are you referring to personal/societal taboos as to what is acceptable?


  6. We will miss you Tan.. Great guy ..


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