Apologetics Academy: Humiliating for the Glory of Christ

Jonathan McLatchie’s bad week continues. First he gets totally refuted by Dr. Dale Tuggy on Christian theology and now here’s a video where his students’ behaviour is embarrassing his “academy”:

Some may say that Jonathan does not teach this behaviour, but here he is doing the same thing with his colleague Sam.

Interestingly, for what is the 3rd time in as many months, on Jonathan’s own “apologetics” “academy” there is another thread inquiring about reputable and reliable Christian apologists. Unsurprisingly, after 12 hours, no mention of Jonny.

and God knows best.


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  1. Man McLatchie must have you guys rattled. All this vituperation. Thanks for advertising his Academy. Ill check it out. Why would he need a publicist when he has you guys.


  2. Achillies, have you watched the video? The video is embarrassing and I think it will stimulate Jon to rebuke the guys involved – not only did they embarrass the academy (of which I am part of in a loose way via social media) but they also didn’t do any favours to Christian evangelists.

    I’m glad the video doesn’t mention the names of the folks at the centre of this as one of them is only 15 years old. Hopefully he will learn from his mistakes.


  3. Here’s another response ive made to jonathan. I can see why jonathan is avoiding me.


  4. I like your massage. Jesus love me and I know very well
    I know about Bible
    And I want Bible study



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