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  1. Very impressive! Dr. Ehrman has a unique style when he expresses/explains his ideas. That style captures me.
    I hope to reach that level in ENGLISH. Yarabb!

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  2. What christological species will evolve next?

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  3. I enjoyed the first half of the talk and have these comments.

    1. Arius was a neo-platonists. This meant his cosmology was the ladder of being. It is from this he derived his Christology. For Ehrman not to present this fact disempowers those who listen to him.

    2. Ehrman puts forward Mark as the earliest gospel. Ok. Then says it shows Jesus as the son of God at his resurrection. He then refers to Matthew, Luke, and John, to show how the “son of God” gets pushed back earlier and earlier to his birth and pre-creation. The problem is that Mark refers to Jesus as the son of God in his baptism and transfiguration and Jesus speaks about this in his parables. Ehrman’s evolution theory simply has no evidence. Mark is both exaltation verse incarnation.

    3. He says that Philo believed that Moses was a type of God. Paul can you give us the Philo reference from Ehrman’s book. I do not have that one.
    to that


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