Did a Former Pfander Ministries Member Admit There Are Bible Contradictions?

Gospel contradictions? A former student of Jay Smith, Lizzie Schofield of DCCI Ministries, seems to imply there are some contradictions between the Gospels.

She seems to believe the Gospels largely agree and agree on the big things but there are smaller differences between them. Perhaps she misspoke but it does seem somebody who knows English well would not make such comments implying she believes there are contradictions in the Bible albeit “not significant”. She’s welcome to clear up any ambiguity by explaining what she means (and possibly highlighting some of the passages she had in mind – if she believes the Gospels contradict each other). If this is the case, this will be sit easy with Jay Smith himself. Smith has admitted there are some contradictions in the Bible which he puts down to copyist errors:

lizzie contradictions

Thoughts on Jay Smith’s “ISIS is Islam” Rhetoric – Beth Grove Take Note!

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