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  1. Allah knows best.

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  2. We don’t know about the facts so we should just keep silent until the matter is officially determined. However I disagree with her claim that “In fact they usually have completely clean records other than one accusation that ends up being false”, which obviously doesn’t apply to very influential and famous persons, especially someone that is hated by many many people (just look at how the French media has been treating him!).

    Things to keep in mind: “French Newspaper Le Parisien revealed the details of critical new findings surrounding the controversy. According to the newspaper, there is compelling evidence in the form of a plane ticket to suggest that Prof Ramadan was not even in Lyon at the time of the alleged crime. […] The evidence—produced by the airliner—was suspiciously overlooked by French prosecutors.” https://www.islam21c.com/news-views/tariq-ramadan-custody-whilst-french-prosecutors-criticised-missed-evidence/

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  3. Just hope for justice…that’s all…

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  4. “On the Tariq Ramadan affair – The way the case against Tariq Ramadan is handled seems like a political character assassination.”
    by Khaled Abou El Fadl – 31 Jul 2018


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