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  1. A very emotionally moving and powerful story about Ali and his diagnosis of cancer.

    As his Muslim brothers, we can pray and supplicate to Allah asking for Ali to be healed and returned to good health. But in the end we know that the power to heal does not lay in our own prayers, but that ultimately everything is according to the will of Allah.

    Whether Ali is healed, or returns to Allah due to the terminal diagnosis, either way, everything is in the good providence, wisdom, and will of Allah (SWT).

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    • In a case like this, Muslims may offer prayers asking for healing, but the main focus will be to offer prayers asking for the mercy and forgiveness of Allah that the past sins of the terminally ill person be forgiven, that he may be free to enter paradise if that is according to the will of Allah.

      O Allah, forgive him and have mercy upon him and may he be joined with the highest companions (in Paradise).

      Other prayers may be offered as well, including repetitious recitations of the Shahadah.

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  2. there are alternative healing methods. we trying one of them on my wifes mother she is over 80 and now she is much better. method we use very chip and easy. if anybody interested contact me. many hopeless people get healed with these alternative methods. some of them easy and simple and some of them difficult and expensive.


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