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    • lol


    • Well, according to Tabekians this is no real problem.


    • Lol you wish. Grow up. Seriously. Or at least behave.


    • In a country that is ruled by Tabekian this would be allowed. Only if the act happens on the main square there could be like 20 lashes. That’s the Hanafi madhhab of the Tabekians.


    • *and of Abu Hanifah lol

      What you’ve said is, as usual, hogwash and gross misrepresentation.

      And the “madhhab” of modern Tayminafis is to chuck homos off buildings. You wouldn’t happen to be from South Africa, would you? Just curious.

      Get a life, man.


    • manners dear boy, manners


    • I’m not the one slandering scholars here like this “Rider” joke.


    • cite your evidence dude


    • Calm down AT. I am exaggerating a little bit but the point is that according to Tabek you cannot use much force to stop sexual immorality.

      The Islamic state went to search for gays and killed them without them committing the act. This is wrong of course. But death penalty for gays who commit the sexual act can be applied as one of the discretionary punishments.

      Tabek didn’t respond to South Africa regarding mortgage. South Africa is a serious problem for Tabek because he cannot play his games there like he plays them with the other molvis.


    • So you’re a Majlisu-l Juhalaa’ cheerleader? There must not have been a valid argument to respond to in between all the rabid (and humorously coprophilic) ad hominem South Africa… excretes.

      Anyway, the Shaykh showed very clearly that ta`zeer cannot be capital punishment. And I’d love to know what sort of mental illness causes a person to equate “no death penalty” with “hooray go for it.”


    • Whatever tazeer can be the point is to stop illegal sexual acts. If we forget the mild Hanafi opinion what will you say about the other schools’ opinion? Are they murderers or supporters of it? Tabek insults respected Islamic scholars who were not Hanafi all the time. And in fact he insults Hanafi scholars as well but he is not that open about that.

      And you just insulted the Mujlis.


    • Mujlis? Dunno what that’s supposed to be, but whoever writes those nasty, contentless articles doesn’t do their organization any favors.

      Oh, so it is the Hanafi position now? You keep picking and choosing what suits your inclinations. Not my problem.


  1. “OutMuslim”

    Is this a reference to the fact that this person is acting “Out”-side of Islam?

    I mean if one is an openly Gay person, actively engaging in homosexual acts, (even supporting Gay sex “workers”) then is such a person really a Muslim submitting his will to Allah, or is such person really a non-Muslim actively engaging in open rebellion against Gods divine and righteous will? I would argue that it is the latter.


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